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Where social and political commitment meets cultural events


We supported the Turin chapter of Arci, a renowned network of cultural, recreational and social organizations, in the development and launch of a printed and online campaign to promote their brand new app and celebrate the networks’ impact.

services provided
Creative Concept
Graphic Design
Digital Strategy
Video Animation

The project

A universe of events and engagements awaits you to join in

The Arci Torino network is an incredibly varied environment in which two main souls co-live and nourish one another: one side committed to social and political activities, and one centered on cultural and leisure events. All around the city and beyond, more than 100 clubs offer their members an array of activities spanning from theatrical plays to anti-violence centers, from live music to solidarity initiatives, from film projections to integration projects. These clubs constitute a network of progressive, friendly and welcoming places where social engagement lives and breathes through entertainment and culture.

The posters

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How we did it

The foundation for the whole project lays on its textual content with witty plays on words, mixing the political and the leisure sides of the network.
The visual content is centered on images depicting close-ups of people combined with joyous graphic elements.
The different elements are then merged together in a flexible layout, able to catch the eye both in the printed outputs and the online applications.
Local chapters
Members subscriptions

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