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Civil Rights

Raising awareness on the issue of family equality through real stories.


We hosted an event together with Rete Lenford and LGBTQI+ families, who helped us understand the state of the art of same-sex parenting from a legal and personal perspective.

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Creative Concept
Graphic Design
Live Event

The project

Explaining the difficulties of LGBTQI+ parenting through a new perspective.

In the context of Graphic Days 2022, Turin international visual design festival, and together with Rete Lenford we organized and hosted an exhibition and a talk on the theme of family equality and LGBTQI+ parenting.

In Italy we have been waiting for decades for definitive steps forward regarding adoptions, transcriptions and all those situations that would allow these families to see their relationships and affections legally legitimated.

We created ten textual posters, based on real stories from several families told from the children's point of view, describing the complex legal system these families are faced with. The posters were displayed in our office during the exhibition that was then followed by a talk with the Lenford Network and the direct testimony of an LGBTQI+ family.

The posters

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How we did it

We collected the stories and cases of different LGBTQI+ families and focused on the different legal issues each one faces.
We developed a visual language which expresses both the light-hearted, child-like and queer tone and the importance of the topic.
We launched a social media campaign to invite people at the event and a live stream to join the talk remotely.
Live talk

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