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Civil Rights

An exhibition and a talk to investigate derogatory insults and their consequences.


We curated and hosted a graphic design poster exhibition and a public talk. The events aimed to explore Italian discriminatory slurs, delving into their origins and evolution, and examining the balance between reappropriation and offensive usage.

services provided
Creative Concept
Graphic Design
Live Event

The project

We partnered with the young designer Agostino De Palmas, to design and host an exhibition and a talk, where we explored some powerful and dangerous Italian slurs and discriminatory words, 

During this talk moderated by Michela Locati, founder of Hello Tomorrow Agency we interviewed Espérance Hakuzwimana and Grace Fainelli, activists, inclusive language experts and founders of the Narrazioni Contaminate Collective.
We delved into a profound and complex dialogue about hostile words, the reactions they awaken, how to handle them, what it means to be a language activist and how some words carry with them emotions, stories, history and lived experiences.

Through a shared narrative we sought pathways to cultivate the awareness essential for inclusive communication and to forge a society where no one is marginalized.

The posters

How we did it

We researched 5 derogatory words, linked to the LGBTQIA+ community and body: we found out their origins, usage and reappropriation process.
We designed the graphic posters in an infographic style, finding creative ways to expose the "hurtful" words while fostering a sense of kindness towards the exhibition visitors.
We organized the public exhibition and talk, with inclusive language experts, while the bathroom became a place of free public expression to share emotions about slurs.
Slurs analyzed
Exhibition visitors
Hour talk

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