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Accelerating science-based climate targets for the fashion industry.


Together with Quantis, we designed and built an e-learning platform to help fashion brands reach the science-based climate targets, in a project sponsored by ABOUT YOU, YOOX NET A PORTER and ZALANDO.

services provided
Front-end Development
UX/UI Design
E-learing Platform
Original illustrations

The project

Fashion LEAP for Climate is an industry-led initiative to drive climate education, engagement, and action in the global apparel & footwear industry.

To face the current climate crisis, FLfC (a project by ABOUT YOU, YOOX NET-A-PORTER and ZALANDO) offers a learning journey which provides step-by-step guidance on how to quickly get up to speed on the company’s science-based targets journey.We chose to graphically depict Fashion LEAP for Climate with a symbol of a ribbon. A flexible and durable fabric that bends by shaping itself to the context, acquiring new shades and colors, while respecting nature and its surroundings.

The posters

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How we did it

We designed a logo that could reflect the innovative approach to sustainability and education of Fashion LEAP for Climate.
We designed a landing page to allow new companies to easily understand the learning journey and the application process.
We created an online platform that could make the acquirement of valuable knowledge easy and entertaining.
We implemented gamification to a section of the course to make the experience even more interactive.

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