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Human Rights

Helping Italian women be truly free to choose


We designed a campaign to bringing awareness on the problems concerning the right to abortion in Italy, a country where getting one is harder than it should.

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The project

Every woman must have the right to choose

Since 1978, even the Italian law agrees on that. Abortion is a right. Nonetheless, 70% of our gynecologists are conscientious objectors (meaning they can legally refuse to perform abortions), and this makes finding a clinic to get an abortion a tough task. Moreover, women are forced to undergo a lot of psychological and physical violence from so called "pro-life" associations. All this has to stop.

We designed a campaign that we named #LiberaDiAbortire (lit. "Free to get an abortion") with the goal of giving women true, simple access to abortion. Together with Radicali Italiani, we spread awareness about this often stigmatized topic and launched an appeal to the Ministry of Health. As of the beginning of 2022 our campaign reached more than 50.000 signatures.

And you can sign it too.

The posters

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How we did it

We did extensive research to find the right words to use when talking about such a delicate and controversial topic.
We set ourselves a tangible and measurable campaign goal: the signing of the appeal by the Minister of Health.
We developed informative material and made it public on the Ministry's website to give women answers to their questions.
Collected with the crowdfunding
Press releases

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