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Storytelling and sustainability on the Alps.


We joined forces with Ruta to give shape to a brand and a website that reflects their sustainable approach and their deep love for the art of film-making.

services provided
Creative Concept
Front-end Development
Graphic Design
UX/UI Design
Digital Strategy

The project

Ruta is a summer film school, founded to teach aspiring film-makers and directors how to write and produce short documentaries centered on the theme of sustainability.

The word Ruta comes from Portuguese and stands for route. It is also a plant species, able to grow in unwelcoming environments. You know, the one that likes to sprout from concrete walls. That's where our brand design process started.

For the website, we wanted on one hand to make information for new visitors clear, especially regarding the registration process, elegibility criterias and other requirements. On the other hand we displayed insights about previous editions, to help them understand better what participating to Ruta would be like.

Ruta has been selected in "The Best School Branding Designs" category by DesignRush.

The posters

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How we did it

We researched about the origin of the naming and made it our starting point to design their logo.
We built a colorful and bold website to tell Ruta's story the way they would tell it to their best friend.
We designed the layouts for Ruta's social media. We kept it clean. We kept it cool. We kept it Rutalicious.

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