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The campaign to make vaccines accessible to everyone


We needed the #VaccineEquality campaign to spread throughout Europe and beyond. So, we found a global meaningful recognisable sign, and built the campaign around it.

services provided
Creative Concept
Digital Strategy
Social Media Management
Video Animation
Video Production (live action)

The project

Making COVID-19 vaccines accessible to everyone

Vaccines against COVID-19 are not yet accessible to everyone, everywhere. 
It’s a sad reality, but it can change. The Left – the European political progressive coalition – 
worked hard to demand transparency in agreements between states and healthcare corporations.
We helped The Left design and promote a global communication campaign to achieve accessible vaccines for all, transparent contracts and public patents. It has become one of the most important European Citizen Initiatives (ECI). Thanks to our campaign, many countries decided to officially support a temporary waiver for the TRIPS Agreement.

Vaccine Equality is one step closer!

The posters

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How we did it

We developed a concept based on a common, universal gesture, that everyone can replicate.
The hashtag became the campaign name and a clear answer to the question: what do we want?
We crafted two animated videos to make complex issues easy to understand and fun to watch.
We provided a disegn sistem on a collaborative platform to make every country able to produce and translate their asset
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ECI signatures
ECI countries
Signatures needed

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